Capet Tile Matting

Carpet Tile Matting


Is an Ideal matting soluton for the internal entrances to office areas, it can be easily integrated into a carpet tile installation without any trip hazards. Carpet tile matting is quick & easy to retro fit over any existing floor covering and very simple to replace individual tiles in a worn path without replacing the entire area. The impervious gel backing ensures no moisture goes through to sub surface – all moisture dries upwards into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Carpet Tile Matting:


  1. Ideal for medium to heavy footfall entrance areas
  2. Low LRV(light reflectance value) compared to aluminium, LVL and fibrebonded ensuring a positive point distance is easy to achieve.
  3. BFL-S1 Flammability approval.
  4. Tufted cutpile with integral scraper
  5. Suitable for Heavy Contract use.

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