How do you envision your workstation? Do you see a space with minimum distractions or something that is on the comfier side? In these challenging times when the world faces a widespread pandemic, the most important thing that a working area should be is – clean and free of contamination. Social distancing minimizes the spread of the virus, but it is vital to make sure that it doesn’t spread through the air or footfalls of human carriers.
When designing Workplace like an office or the entrance or reception of a building or a hospital, the important thing to keep in mind is installing air purifiers and contamination control matting. With CCMatting, your work becomes more accessible as they provide you with the best air purifiers and coir mats in Ireland.

   Why is an Air Purifier necessary?



   Air Purifiers IrelandEnclosed and occupied areas with no purification systems may become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, and other infectious microorganisms. The air purifiers developed at CCMatting remove all contaminants from the air and give you pure and dust-free air. In addition, these machines improve the air quality indoors and are energy efficient.
There are a variety of cleaners that you can choose from, like Dyson Air Purifier, Maxvac air purifier, and Salin plus air purifier. The MEDI purifiers from the Maxvac range use ultraviolet sterilization technology to render the microorganisms unable to reproduce.



Why choose air purifiers from CCMatting –

Kills or inactivates airborne microorganisms to prevent the spread of diseases
Huge air filtration capacity
Suitable for public spaces with heavy footfalls                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Removes pollutants and unpleasant smells


Choosing coir mats for matting
Coir Mats

Coir mats are the most ideal for the areas that have heavy traffic of people. They give your space a modern look and are available in various colors, sizes, and quality depending on your budget. The coconut fibers that are used in the coir matting make them durable and sturdy. It can be cut into any size that you need and can be used both indoors and outdoors. CCMatting provides you with the best coir mats in Ireland, and they are available in different types.

Benefits of Coir Matting

They are strong and last for a long time
It doesn’t rot and is resistant to fungi
Fire resistant
It prevents the buildup of static electricity and also reduces its effects
It is economical and easy to maintain

CC  Matting has built its business centered on contamination control flooring. It is the only business in Ireland that focuses on such flooring, and they provide unparalleled customer service. From installing your air purifiers and matting to taking care of it over the years, everything is done by the company.